Acclaiming exemplary achievers

With esteemed honors, the Society salutes excellence achieved throughout the industry’s workforce, which SCTE•ISBE is committed to keeping up to date, competent, and prepared for what’s next to drive cable’s profitability ever higher.

Wednesday, October 18
12 PM–1:30 PM
Mile High Ballroom

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Convene with fellow attendees to applaud this year’s recipients of the following awards and recognitions and learn what distinguished them:

  • Member of the Year
  • Chairman’s Award
  • Excellence in Standards Award
  • SCTE•ISBE Hall of Fame
  • Women in Technology Award
  • Senior Member Recognition
  • International Engineering Professional Award
  • Rising Leader Award
  • Innovators Award
  • David Hall Award (presented by SCTE UK)

Comcast Cable President and CEO Dave Watson and ARRIS CEO Bruce McClelland will offer insights on the links between technology prowess and business success. Watson and McClelland will share thoughts on business trends, technology innovation and the impact of Industry preparedness to the bottom line during the noon luncheon panel.


Member of the Year

This renowned award recognizes the SCTE•ISBE member who has made the most significant contributions to the Society through active participation in its programs and efforts during the past year. The name of the 2017 member of the year has been kept secret until today. Even the winner will be surprised when his or her name is announced during the Annual Awards Luncheon on Wednesday, October 18!

Past Recipients:

2016 Bill Spies
2015 Thomas Lewis
2014 Bob Acheson
2013 Steve Murphy
2012 Joseph Guariglia
2011 Tom Gorman
2010 Bob Legg, Jr
2009 Frank Eichenlaub
2008 Brenda Stottler
2007 Ronald Brunt
2006 Roger Paul
2005 Bob Foote
2004 Ron Hranac
2003 Bill DesRochers
2002 Pam Nobles

2001 Rudy Niznansky
2000 Mark Millet
1999 Antonio Huerta
1998 Keith Hayes
1997 David Devereaux-Weber
1996 Alan Babcock
1995 James Haag
1994 Wendell Woody
1993 William Grant
1992 Ron Wolfe
1991 Steve Allen
1990 Richard Covell
1989 Paul Beeman
1988 Michael Aloisi
1987 Rex Porter

1986 Sally Kinsman
1985 Pete Petrovich
1984 David Franklin
1983 John Kurpinski
1982 Clifford Paul
1981 Yves Fortier
1980 Thomas Polis
1979 Kenneth Gunter & Ralph Haimowitz
1978 James Grabenstein
1977 Frank Bias
1976 Glenn Chambers
1975 James Collins
1974 Steven Dourdoufis


Chairman’s Award

This award is bestowed upon an individual, a group of individuals or an organization that has demonstrated significant support of the Society. This year’s recipient will be recognized during the Chairman’s Reception on Wednesday, October 18. Tony Werner, 2016-2017 chairman of the SCTE•ISBE board, selected this year’s winner.

Dr. Martha Soehren, Chair, Membership Committee


Excellence in Standards Award

The annual SCTE•ISBE Excellence in Standards Award honors an SCTE•ISBE Standards Program Participant who has significantly contributed to both the technical standards program and the spirit of cooperation necessary for the success of voluntary standards. This year’s recipient will be recognized during the Annual Awards Luncheon on Wednesday, October 18.

David Fellows, Co-Founder and CTO, Layer3 TV


SCTE•ISBE Hall of Fame

The Society’s Hall of Fame comprises members who have made extraordinary contributions to the Society and the industry over the course of time. To be eligible, an individual must have a minimum of 12 years of active SCTE•ISBE membership and 20 years of industry experience.

Two deserving individuals will be inducted during the Annual Awards Luncheon on Wednesday, October 18.

David Fellows, Co-Founder and CTO, Layer3 TV
Dr. Rickey Luke, PH.D BCE, CTO, Cable TV of East Alabama

These inductees will join the distinguished group of Hall of Fame members:

J. Richard ‘Dick’ Beard
Steve Bell
Alex Best
Bob Bilodeau
John Chapman
Jim Chiddix
Walter Ciciora
Terry Cordova
Austin Coryell
Ronald Cotton
Richard Corvell
Leonard Ecker
Tom Elliot
James Farmer
Bob Foote
Thomas Gorman

James Grabenstein
William Grant
Nick Hamilton-Piercy
Ted Hartson
Andrew Healey
Ron Hranac
Tom Jokerst
William Karnes
Sally L. Kinsman
Jim Kuhns, BCE
John T. Kurpinski, Sr.
David Large, BCE
Dan McKay
Wayne McKinney
Harold Null, Sr.
David Pangrac

Cliff Paul
Neil Phillips
Dan Pike
Tom Polis
Rex Porter
Leslie W. ReadSteven Richey
William Riker
Fred Rogers
Dennis Sartori
Rick Sullivan
Larry J. Stiffelman
Jim Stilwell
Eugene White
David Willis
Cathy Wilson
Wendell Woody


Women in Technology Award

This annual award recognizes the achievements of one woman who has demonstrated outstanding personal and professional growth and has significantly contributed to the cable telecommunications industry. This year’s recipient will be honored during the EXPO Annual Awards Luncheon on Wednesday, October 18.

Deborah Picciolo, Senior VP of the West Region for Charter Communications


Senior Member Recognition

This honor is bestowed upon those SCTE•ISBE members who have demonstrated technical competence, participated actively in the society and industry affairs, attained a degree of seniority and maintained a high standard of professionalism. A minimum of 10 years of technical experience and five years of SCTE•ISBE membership is required for eligibility. Congratulations to these society members who were elevated to senior member status:

Daniel Howard, Director of Consulting Services, Hitachi Energy and Environmental Efficiency
Jason Hibbard, Director of Engineering, Comcast

These new senior members will be recognized during the Annual Membership Meeting and Reception on Tuesday, October 17.


International Engineering Professional Award

This award honors outstanding technical achievements and contributions made to the advancement of the global cable telecommunications industry by an engineering professional living outside of the United States. This year’s recipient will be recognized during the International Breakfast on Friday, October 20.

Rolando Barja, Director Redes Coaxiales, Cotas RL


Rising Leader Award

This inaugural award will be presented to a young leader who has made significant contributions to SCTE•ISBE and the cable industry in their early career. This year’s recipient will be honored at the Member Appreciation Reception on Tuesday, October 17.

Lisa Leaunvankham, Procurement Analyst 2 (NGAN), Comcast


Innovators Award

The SCTE•ISBE Innovators Award honors an individual, organization or group that created a product and/or service to help the cable industry workforce with the goal of creating a more efficient system and/or improved customer experience.

Guavus Reflex


David Hall Award

Ron Hranac, Technical Leader, Cisco

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